Spiritual Emotions
Life Coaching

Being a Spiritual and Emotions Life Coach is your resource to navigate your emotional stories and belief system. In looking at your family beliefs and how you were raised, your stories, and what values you hold, we can uncover where you may be stuck in an old pattern. By taking a deeper look at your history, how you were raised and needs that were not met, you can take a deep view of what patterns have been created and how they run your life now.  We are unaware of how often these patterns play over and over in our lives. 

We work from our subconscious programming.   Everything we learned up to the age of 8 is foundational for how we learn to love and what love is, how to get what we want, who loves us, how we treat others and are treated. These patterns are deep within us running just like the program.  This coaching can help you to set up new neural pathways so that the old patterns are not running the show anymore.  This is a great way to look at your perspective and start to question how you are living your life and if it is working for you.

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