Addressing Chronic
Illness in Ottawa

Every year we get sicker. The rates of Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Depression have increased steadily for more than half a century, despite huge increases in health care spending. Some people believe that our genes are responsible ? But our genes have NOT changed during the last 50 years. What has changed is our LIFESTYLE. Our lifestyle changes have taken us away from what we genetically require to be healthy.

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We are like a tiger stuck in a cage, without regular exercise, feeding on the wrong, toxic laden food, lacking social connectedness. An animal exposed to such conditions, would certainly get sick. This conclusion makes sense to us. If we apply the same logic to the human animal (we are animals, after all), people are quick to dismiss poor lifestyle as the causative factor. The evidence, however, is undeniable.

We are not living in accordance with our genetic requirements. LiveWell FOR LIFE will help you realize that the current way we eat, move, think and sleep is the cause of chronic illness. We will empower you with the knowledge to easily change your lifestyle for the better. We will teach you how to LiveWell FOR LIFE!

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