Treating Concussion
in Ottawa

We are trained providers of the Shift Concussion Management Program. We provide an advanced approach to concussion awareness and management, guiding injured individuals to a safe return to both sport participation and daily life activities.
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Holistic Approach to Concussion Recovery

Our concussion recovery program emphasizes a continuum of care from education and baseline testing to injury management and return-to-play. We take a holistic approach to concussion treatment at our clinic, emphasizing full-body and mind wellness in the way we go about helping Ottawa concussion patients achieve a return to full function and normal life.

Emergency evaluation is warranted in situations of deteriorating mental status such as increasing confusion and difficulty recognizing people or places. Other symptoms requiring immediate medical attention include worsening headache; worsening nausea or vomiting, and excessive drowsiness or lethargy. When a concussion is suspected, we also recommend booking an initial assessment with us as early as possible. Even if you have not had a baseline assessment with us, we will assess your injury and provide you with a management strategy to aid in your recovery. Assessments and subsequent visits/therapy are covered under most extended healthcare benefit packages (e.g. Chiropractic). For inquiries about appointments, please contact us.

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How We Help Patients Live Well

At our Ottawa Wellness Clinic, offering Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Massage Therapy, Fitness Training, Laser Therapy, Orthotics, Lifestyle Counseling and Supplements, patients receive a superior level of care through a holistic approach that encompasses four pillars of wellness services:


Every treatment and service us customized for your needs



Treating not just symptoms but overall health & wellbeing



Working with you for a healthier, balanced & productive lifestyle



Dedicated to serving Ottawa’s needs for wellness & holistic care

Concussion Testing & After-Injury Care

At LiveWell we offer accessible, individualized and effective concussion management strategies to individuals of all ages suffering from concussion and mild traumatic brain injury. Our evidence-based concussion assessment and rehabilitation techniques ensure an informed and high standard-of-care for those seeking support in their recovery. We believe that concussion management requires a team approach. We assess and manage each patient as a whole in order to tailor rehabilitative strategies to the individual needs of each person. We emphasize testing protocols that provide objective data from many different areas of performance and function to aid in the development of individualized treatment plans and encourage open communication and collaboration with all Health Providers involved in the care of the patient.

At LiveWell we utilize an evidence-informed approach to Concussion Management. That means that many of the rehabilitation strategies and recommendations applied in the clinical setting have been proven effective, or have shown significant promise in clinical studies. Experts agree that this injury requires an interdisciplinary approach to management, particularly for those suffering from persistent symptoms. That is why you may find that Shift Providers recommend multiple treatment approaches and service providers to optimize your care strategy. Each patient experiences concussion in a different way, which is why rehabilitation recommendations may vary from patient to patient.

The types of rehabilitation methods employed depend largely on the characteristics and presentation of each individual patient. Some common interventions prescribed and carried out by us include: Treatment and rehabilitation for the neck and other spinal structures, Vestibular-Ocular rehabilitation, Neuro-cognitive testing and rehabilitation (Impact Testing) exercise and activity-based rehabilitation, and recommendations for daily activities, work, school, and sport.
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