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The staff at LiveWell are a one of a kind team. From the moment you walk in the door, to the moment you leave, they truly care about you and every aspect of your wellbeing. I can guarantee that once you arrive for the first time, you will never want to visit another health team. Friendly, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable, you will be leaving with more than just an adjustment.

Simon B.

Before coming to see Dr. Jason, I can?t remember a time when I could tip my head back and look at the ceiling, not even when I was a teenager. He fixed that, and a few other nagging problems, not to mention that I just generally feel better. Now, I actually function like a ?normal? person! Thanks Dr. J!

Katharine L.

I am thankful to my daughter who introduced me to LiveWell. Since I have been coming here, I’ve been sleeping better and have started to gain some mobility. I recommend them to all of my friends and family.


Your health is in the right place at LiveWell! The staff is competent and easy to talk with. Dr.?s Jason & Sabrina Bercovitch provide key support in our healthy lifestyle journey, and the kids love getting their adjustments! Thank You LiveWell!

Nicole B.

Thank you Dr. Jason and Dr. Sabrina for your amazing service, warmth, for being so accommodating, friendly, professional ? you are the best!

Bassy M.

I came to prevent scoliosis from getting worse. Awesome service, excellent results!

Jin-Lin Y.

The team at LiveWell Family Health Centre is amazing! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that I want to hang out all day (and the free tea is great too!). When I began my Chiropractic journey I didn’t have any serious complaints. I have, however, noticed some improvements in my everyday life. Less headaches, more energy, less colds, and I think my posture may be just that much better – I am more aware of keeping proper posture for sure. Drs. Jason & Sabrina are fantastic. It is great that you can see both doctors for your treatment. They are both very knowledgeable – not only about Chiropractic, but the whole wellness spectrum, and are keen to share their knowledge if you are motivated to learn. I definitely recommend LiveWell Family Health Centre for everyone – even if you’re not in pain.

Lisa H.

I initially came to LiveWell to attend yoga classes and for massages during my pregnancy. Eventually I was convinced to seek Dr. Sabrina and Dr. Jason for help with back pain. They really encourage the concept of ?living well? through nutrition, exercise, chiropractic care as regular maintenance of the body and as a preventative measure against the typical ailments that people are all too eager to take medication for. You can tell that Dr. Sabrina, Dr. Jason and all of the staff truly do care about their patients?they invest the time in getting to know you and helping you become better. I whole heartedly recommend LiveWell Family Health Centre to anyone who is seeking an alternative or supplementary treatment to traditional medicine.

Edith T.

Live Well Family Health Centre is an awesome place for chiropractic, yoga and massage (those are just the services I have tried). Drs. Jay and Sabrina are amazing chiropractors and are, along with their staff, personable, caring and very skilled. Thank you to all of you!

Anna K.

I highly recommend LiveWell Family Health Centre. I went from sitting on the sidelines to back in racing form in one season. Already signed up for National Capital Race Weekend and I?m confident nothing will hold me back, thanks to Dr. Jason and his team.

Michelle C.

I have received adjustments from other chiropractors in the past, but none of them can hold a candle to the excellent treatments and care that Drs. Sabrina and Jason have provided me! The multidisciplinary clinic that they have built together is a reflection of who they are: skilled, committed, warm and friendly. I am so impressed by the level of care that Live Well consistently provides. All of the staff members are kind and friendly, as well as professional. You are in good hands at Live Well!

Karen C.

I was hesitant to try chiropractic, but after pinching a nerve in my neck for the second time in a year, I was tired of the recurring injury and needing to be careful of that area all of the time for fear of re-aggrevation. Ten months later, regular visits to LiveWell have not only helped my neck but have corrected alife-long pelvic mis-alignment leading to increased flexibility – a definite plus for a dancer! I’ve been converted. ?

Pam H.

I love coming here. The atmosphere is always fantastic! The energy and the care I receive are great. I always look forward to getting my adjustments from Dr. Sab and Dr. Jason. It is also a very zen place for registered massage therapy. My posture, breathing and Body Mass Index have improved beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for the care you provide our whole family.

Luis R.

I started going to LiveWell because I suffered from migraines and tension headaches. Today I can honestly say that I no longer live in pain 🙂 I am headache free and loving it! Thanks Dr. Jason and Dr. Sabrina as well as the lovely ladies in the office.

Erika P.

I came upon LiveWell in early 2009 where after winning a consultation and adjustment at the Baby Show. Boy did I not know how much I would come to need it after my little princess was born. I was a long-term sufferer of sciatica, postural discomfort, lack of sleep and numerous muscle spasms and pinched nerves. For a new mother who pretty much moves around the house with a newborn, it just wasn?t right. So?I made use of that voucher and boy did I not regret it! We?re now 2013 and I?ve been a regular since then and what I can say is that Dr. Sab, Dr. Jay, the ladies at the front, the Massage Therapists and Naturopaths are phenomenal. When you walk in, you?re not just some person with a number. They truly do care and bring you on in so you feel as if you?re part of the family. Without the LiveWell team, I can honestly say that I have no clue where I?d be progress-wise since everywhere else I?ve ventured for chiropractic medicine was geared to fixing subluxations and that?s it. LiveWell does more than that. By caring for each patient?s individual needs, they don?t just physically manipulate for therapy, they?re there to talk with, to advise, to make your life easier?THEY CARE!

Carey M.

I started going to Live Well Family Health Centre on Centrepointe around 2 months ago. I had been going to another chiropractor in the city, but felt that it was not doing too much. My Daughter also goes to the center and recommended that I try it out. I first met with Dr. Jason, who listened to me about my aches and pains and then subsequently had a session with him. I also told him about my TMJ and he did this procedure that had never been done to me before, and the instant relief in my jaw was amazing. Dr. Jason and his staff are incredible. I do look forward to my appointments.

Shelley L.

I have so many stories to share about how Livewell has changed my life, but the most impressive is of the life change that has affected my 2yr old son. He was having abnormal febrile seizures (they don’t stop without medical intervention) and he was hospitalized in CHEO ICU for 4 days. After much discussion and research, we decided that we needed a combination of methods to help him. We have been seeing Dr. Jesse for immune support and anti-inflammation therapies as well as seeing Dr. Sabrina on a weekly basis. With the combination of treatments our son has grown, gained weight, sleeps better, hasn’t had an eczema outbreak in months and fights off colds quickly without issue. We are so thankful for the help and the out-of-this-world care we receive every time we go see our family at Livewell!

Meredith A.

After coming across the LiveWell kiosk at the Baby Show this spring, I donated $20 for the first exam, which was valued at $165. I had my appointment the next morning and was so amazed at how kind and welcoming all the LiveWell staff were and how they treated my exam as though I was a full-paying customer. They went above and beyond and showed how much they cared about the problems I was having and explained how they would make their best efforts to make me comfortable. They even entertained my 2 yr. old as he had to leave the exam room momentarily while I had a quick x-ray taken. After meeting and having a thorough first exam I easily decided to book another appointment. I’d highly recommend Dr. Jason and his wonderful, wonderful staff!

Nancy T.
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