Holistic Treatment
For Neck Pain

Through Chiropractic Treatment Of Neck Pain, We Can Achieve Effective Results In Posture, Movement, Strength & Balance.
Man suffering from neck pain

Addressing the Root of Your Neck Pain

There are two distinct variants of neck pain: Acute neck pain and chronic neck pain. Acute neck pain can be caused by an injury or other event. Chronic neck pain is an ongoing issue. Both types of neck pain can be treated at LiveWell clinic in Ottawa through natural, holistic means. We look at the symptoms that you are experience then address the root cause and source of the neck pain. Perhaps it stems from poor posture, work ergonomics or sleep positiion – or a combination of these or other factors. We can help mitigate your symptoms of neck pain and get you on the journey to healing and wellness. Talk to LiveWell today to find out how.

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