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While studying for a BSc Honours at McGill University, Dr. Jason Bercovitch suffered from debilitating low back pain. Months of medical visits, rehabilitation and pain medication did little to relieve the discomfort. Out of desperation, he finally sought the care of a chiropractor. The care he received not only releived the pain, but dramatically improved his life long battle with asthma, allergies and chest infections. This life changing experience inspired Dr. Jason to help others who suffered like himself. The following year he enrolled in the Canadian Memorial Chiropratic College. Upon graduation in 1999, he and his wife Dr. Sabrina, moved to Ottawa to work as associate chiropractors which ultimately led to the opening of LiveWell Family Health Centre in 2004. Dr. Jason is caring, compassionate and a model of integrity to his family, patients and community. He has won the “Best Chiropractor” award in the Nepean This Week Readers Poll for 2008/2009 & 2009/2010.



In 1988, as a student, Dr. Sabrina’s life changed when she sought the help of a chiropractor for severe headaches and migraines accompanied by chronic neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. Regular headaches and tension in her upper body dissapeared, while energy and vitality returned. Two years later, an avid tennis player, Dr. Sabrina injured her right knee and once again, with the help of her chiropractor , she was able to regain her mobility and strength. In 1994 Dr. Sabrina obtained her Honours in microbiology, and in 1999 she gradulated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Dr. Sabrina gives lectures regularly throughout the year on various health topics, and is very passionate about informing the public about incredible health benefits of chiropractic. Dr Sabrina and her husband Dr. Jason own and operate LiveWell Family Health Centre, Ottawa’s most comprehensive Wellness Centre, which offers Chiropractic Care, Registered Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Vitamins and Supplememnts, Nutritional counselling, Orthotics and fitness classes.

Dr Sabrina is the co-creator of the lifestyle program LiveWell For Life, which teaches and guides people to eat well, move well, think well, sleep well, and be connected well to experience life in the best way possible. She has co-authored with her husband, a chapter in volume 2 of “The Art of Living Healthy” spearheaded by internationally- acclaimed Chiropractor and author Dr. Gilles Lamarche. She is a highly regarded speaker and has been invited to be a guest lecturer at the Canadian School of Nutrition, a two time emcee at the National Breastfeeding Challenge, a featured speaker two years in a row at the Ottawa Baby show, and fours years in a row art the Jewel 98.5FM radio station’s annual Ladies’ Getaway. Having had 3 children and seeing many expectant mothers and children in her practice, Dr. Sabrina has become a well knolwn authority on prgnancy and pediatric chiropractic care in Ottawa.


Most recently, her life was changed after she was diagnosed and beat Lyme disease during a two yewar period ending in October 2013. In June 2014, Dr. Sabrina completed a 17- month prenatal and pediatric certification program offered by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and is certified in the Webster in-Utero Constraint technique. It is her passion and mission to teach and guide people to be well, stay well and live well for life.



After completing his bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of British Columbia Dr. Sandip attended the allopathic medical school and noticed the lack of emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion in patient care specifically with nutrition and exercise. While completing his training at Wyckoff Heights Medical Centre in Brooklyn, NY Dr. Sandip was able to make this sustainable lifestyle change in his own life for the first time; this was the driving force for him to pursue Naturopathic Medicine.

While training in the Bridge Program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Sandip was chosen to be on the Sports Medicine Focus Shift for the last year of his clinical training. Here he was able to bridge the gap between conventional and naturopathic medicine and focus on his passion in the foundations for healthy living. He was able to assist his patients with complicated medical diagnosis which were inhibiting them from being in a state of optimal health. Dr. Sandip strives to be a role model for healthy living in his personal life by practicing what he preaches.

Dr. Sandip is a registered Naturopathic Doctor with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO) and is qualified to practice therapeutic prescribing as regulated by CONO. In addition, Dr. Sandip is certified by the International Society for Sports Nutrition (CISSN). He is also a published researcher in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Journal of Maternal-Neonatal and Fetal Medicine.



Brittney graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in 2017. In addition, she earned a Certified Nutritional Consulting dimploma from The Alive Academy of Natural Health in 2014. Brittney first recognized her interest in massage at a young age when a family member developed a painful chronic illness. Consequently, she decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. Her passion continues to thrive as she uses massage to help those who are experiencing chronic pain. Her strengths include empathetically listening thoroughly to others, problem solving and the desire to make a helpful change in peoples lives. Her clinic interests are in helping those with fibromyalgia, tension headaches, lymphedema/chronic swelling, sciatica, relaxation for anxiety/depression and scoliosis. She also offers massage with cupping therapy, which has tension-reducing and detoxifying effects.



Rachel graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in June 2019. She looks forward to starting a career as an RMT at LiveWell. She is passionate about helping people acheive better health through massage therapy. Her love for massage is not only grounded in the ability to help people with specific conditions but the inclusion of mind, body and spirit as equally important aspects of a person’s health. She looks forward to working in a multi-diciplinary clinic as she values balanced, healthy living and strives to encourage it in others. Rachel works with her clients to achieve objective results and measurable improvement to ensure she is helping her clients with their individual goals. Rachel values all forms or treatment, whether it’s teaching a client correct breathing technique or helping with stress relief, she loves to listen, to support, and to give her clients the knowledge to make better health choices. Her other professional intersts lie in rehabilitative therapy and treating clients who are affected by scars, amputation, and injury. She hopes to one day be involved in formal touch therapy research and teach other massage therapists.



Chelsea graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in 2012. Along with being an RMT, Chelsea is also a Certified Graston Technique Therapist, K- Tape Therapist and Doula. Over her years as an RMT, Chelsea has had the opportunity to work with many clients, ranging from: Rugby Canada and the National Fiji Rugby squad; Ottawa Sooners Football Club; Pre and Post-Natal Mothers; Babies and Infants; Catastrophic Injuries and everyday stress and wellness. As a mother and athlete herself, Chelsea understands how important it is to take care of not only the physical body, but the mind and soul as well. She encourages health and wellness through touch, movement and exercise and works with each client to create a specific treatment plan in order to reach their health goals. Having worked at LiveWell from 2012-2015, Chelsea is excited to be back again and can?t wait to start a treatment plan for you! When not treating clients, Chelsea loves cooking, working out, being outside and spending time with her family



Jos?e Michaud is a registered acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. She graduated with Honors at the International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ottawa. She discovered acupuncture through her own health challenges and now she is dedicated to share with others the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine.? She prides herself on providing holistic and individualized treatment for every patient. She treats a wide range of health issues and has an interest in pre and postnatal patient and also in pediatric acupuncture.



Doug is a passionate certified personal with a varied and diverse background in health sciences.

Doug graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology along with a minor degree in Psychology.

Coaching Men?s Ice Hockey, working as a Personal Trainer in the UofT Athletic Centre and being a Health & Fitness columnist rounded out his growth.

Upon graduation, he continued Personal Training in Health Clubs in Toronto and worked as a Counsellor/Therapist for youths and young adults with specialized needs throughout the GTA.

Doug moved to Ottawa with his family of five and along with individual and group personal training, in home and in clubs, he?s had the pleasure of helping others succeed.

He believes that we all have abilities and potential having yet to be attained.

At LiveWell Family Health Centre, it is our mission to guide you and your family to be well, stay well and live well.

What Our Clients Say

Luis R.

I love coming here. The atmosphere is always fantastic! The energy and the care I receive are great. I always look forward to getting my adjustments from Dr. Sab and Dr. Jason. It is also a very zen place for registered massage therapy. My posture, breathing and Body Mass Index have improved beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for the care you provide our whole family.

Shelley L.

I started going to Live Well Family Health Centre on Centrepointe around 2 months ago. I had been going to another chiropractor in the city, but felt that it was not doing too much. My Daughter also goes to the center and recommended that I try it out. I first met with Dr. Jason, who listened to me about my aches and pains and then subsequently had a session with him. I also told him about my TMJ and he did this procedure that had never been done to me before, and the instant relief in my jaw was amazing. Dr. Jason and his staff are incredible. I do look forward to my appointments.

Anna K.

Live Well Family Health Centre is an awesome place for chiropractic, yoga and massage (those are just the services I have tried). Drs. Jay and Sabrina are amazing chiropractors and are, along with their staff, personable, caring and very skilled. Thank you to all of you!


Michelle C.

I highly recommend LiveWell Family Health Centre. I went from sitting on the sidelines to back in racing form in one season. Already signed up for National Capital Race Weekend and I?m confident nothing will hold me back, thanks to Dr. Jason and his team.

Jin-Lin Y.

I came to prevent scoliosis from getting worse. Awesome service, excellent results!

Katharine L.

Before coming to see Dr. Jason, I can?t remember a time when I could tip my head back and look at the ceiling, not even when I was a teenager. He fixed that, and a few other nagging problems, not to mention that I just generally feel better. Now, I actually function like a ?normal? person! Thanks Dr. J!

Bassy M.

Thank you Dr. Jason and Dr. Sabrina for your amazing service, warmth, for being so accommodating, friendly, professional ? you are the best!


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