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Fitness Training

The First Step To Better Your Health Is Right Here At LiveWell Family Health Centre of Ottawa!

What Is Fitness Training?

As part of our mission to constantly improve the lives and health of our patients, we recently added Fitness Training to the long list of health services that LiveWell provides. We have long recognized that many of our patients, and people in general, are far too sedentary and lack sufficient exercise and mobility. Most people are so de-conditioned even the thought of embarking on a fitness course can cause a muscle cramp.

Why Fitness Training

One of our frustrations in practice over the past few years has been the inability to sufficiently supervise our clients while they exercise. Once people make the decision to actually start moving their body they run into many obstacles. Many people decide to train ?the way they did in high school? and quickly hurt themselves and succumb to the ?I guess I?m too old? or ?I?m too out of shape? to think exercise will make a difference. Some clients may choose to do a boot camp where the intense schedule does not give enough time for your body to heal, rest and repair, and is not sustainable in the long term.

Many people end up at one the popular commercial gyms where they get ?locked in? to year-long contracts and are often submitted to trainers using wrong or outdated information. Is it any wonder so many of us are struggling to stay fit?

How We Can Help?

With our TrainWell Program we are taking away all the guess work. We will give you the information you need to be confident when you go to the gym. We will give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about any training protocol. We will give you the skills to train efficiently with minimal risk of injury.

We will show you how you can increase your energy, reverse many of your health problems and improve your self-esteem with two 30 minute workouts a week. With a little bit of hard work you can do more than just live, you can LiveWell For Life!

The Fitness Training in Ottawa Program

The TrainWell Program runs for 1 hour a week for 8 weeks. During that time you will be working with a certified fitness trainer in a small group or a one-on-one setting.

The trainer will take you through all the fundamentals of the program:
  • Explain the Why behind the What
  • Dispel common exercise myths and misconceptions
  • Teach you a proper warm-up
  • Give an overview of what exercises to do
  • Help you determine how much weight you should use
  • Show you proper form and technique
  • Be encouraging and supportive
  • Prepare you for what you can expect after your workout

We are limiting the classes to 3 or 4 people to ensure your trainer is giving everyone undivided attention. Small groups are also excellent for encouragement and help to keep the investment in your health more accessible.

Ready to get started? Or want to learn more?

We encourage you to register for one of our 30-minute complimentary fitness training introductory classes with our Personal Trainer Nicole.
Every Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 5:00 – 5:30pm OR 5:30 – 6:00pm.

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What Our Clients Say

Luis R.

I love coming here. The atmosphere is always fantastic! The energy and the care I receive are great. I always look forward to getting my adjustments from Dr. Sab and Dr. Jason. It is also a very zen place for registered massage therapy. My posture, breathing and Body Mass Index have improved beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for the care you provide our whole family.

Shelley L.

I started going to Live Well Family Health Centre on Centrepointe around 2 months ago. I had been going to another chiropractor in the city, but felt that it was not doing too much. My Daughter also goes to the center and recommended that I try it out. I first met with Dr. Jason, who listened to me about my aches and pains and then subsequently had a session with him. I also told him about my TMJ and he did this procedure that had never been done to me before, and the instant relief in my jaw was amazing. Dr. Jason and his staff are incredible. I do look forward to my appointments.

Anna K.

Live Well Family Health Centre is an awesome place for chiropractic, yoga and massage (those are just the services I have tried). Drs. Jay and Sabrina are amazing chiropractors and are, along with their staff, personable, caring and very skilled. Thank you to all of you!


Michelle C.

I highly recommend LiveWell Family Health Centre. I went from sitting on the sidelines to back in racing form in one season. Already signed up for National Capital Race Weekend and I?m confident nothing will hold me back, thanks to Dr. Jason and his team.

Jin-Lin Y.

I came to prevent scoliosis from getting worse. Awesome service, excellent results!

Katharine L.

Before coming to see Dr. Jason, I can?t remember a time when I could tip my head back and look at the ceiling, not even when I was a teenager. He fixed that, and a few other nagging problems, not to mention that I just generally feel better. Now, I actually function like a ?normal? person! Thanks Dr. J!

Bassy M.

Thank you Dr. Jason and Dr. Sabrina for your amazing service, warmth, for being so accommodating, friendly, professional ? you are the best!