Proper Exercise for
Better Mobility & Health

We have long recognized that many of our patients, and people in general, are far too sedentary and lack sufficient exercise and mobility. Most people are so de-conditioned even the thought of embarking on a fitness course can cause a muscle cramp.
Man completing fitness activities with his son on his back

Movement is Everything

As part of our mission to constantly improve the lives and health of our patients, we recently added Fitness Training to the long list of health services that LiveWell provides. One of our frustrations in practice over the past few years has been the inability to sufficiently supervise our clients while they exercise. Once people make the decision to start moving their body they run into many obstacles. Many people decide to train the way they did in high school and quickly hurt themselves and succumb to the “I guess I’m too old or “I’m too out of shape” fallacies to think exercise will make a difference.

With our TrainWell Program we are taking away all the guess work. We will give you the information you need to be confident when you go to the gym. We will give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about any training protocol. We will give you the skills to train efficiently with minimal risk of injury. We will show you how you can increase your energy, reverse many of your health problems and improve your self-esteem with two 30-minute workouts a week. With a little bit of hard work you can do more than just live, you can LiveWell For Life!

Start Your Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle

This is not your ordinary gym! Our new fitness program will help our clients reach their personal development goals while keeping a close eye on their progress in every other aspect of the services offered at our Family Health Centre.

Whether your personal goals include losing weight and/or increasing mobility, our friendly team of professionals with years of experience will help create an exercise program that works with you and your lifestyle. They will help start your journey to a better, healthier lifestyle.

Testimonials from LiveWell Clients