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Consussion Care

We are trained providers of the Shift Concussion Management Program. We provide an advanced approach to concussion awareness and management, guiding injured individuals to a safe return to both sport participation and daily life activities. Our program emphasizes a continuum of care from education and baseline testing to injury management and return-to-play.

Our Concussion Care Services Include:

  • Baseline Testing – ImPACT
  • After Injury Care – Rehab from post-concussive syndrome
  • Education and Training

Baseline Testing


Recent advacements in concussion management have resulted in the widespread use of computer-based neurocognitive testing protocols, and evidence now shows that concussed athletes demonstrate subtle cognitive deficits that may persist beyond symptom resolution – emphasizing the fact that return to play once “symptom-free” is no longer an accurate measure of readiness.

For this reason, we employ ImPACT computerized neurocognitive testing as part of all our baseline and?post-injury assessment protocols. This type of testing provides us with a snapshot of how an individual’s brain is functioning both pre and post injury by measuring things like reaction time, processing speed, memory and attention/concentration. These cognitive processes are often affected by concussive injury and so this type of testing provides us with important information when managing a patient’s recovery. In order to gain a more complete picture of each patient, our baseline screening assessment also includes validated tests of balance and visual coordination skills.

After Injury Care


Following a suspected concussion, it is recommended that you consult a Medical Physician (Family GP or Sport Physician) as early as possible for medical evaluation. Most sport-related concussion injuries do not require emergent care. It is also important that the individual remain under close observation during the first few hours following their injury, and should not be left alone or allowed to drive.

Below is a list of common signs and symptoms of a concussion:





Neck pain


Nausea or Vomiting


Loss of balance


Poor coordination


Seeing "stars"


Ringing in ears


Easily distracted


Poor concentration


Vacant stare


Feeling "foggy"




Amnesia, or poor memory


"Flashing lights"


Blurred or double vision


Irritability or emotional changes


Slow to follow direction


Decreased playing ability




Difficulty falling asleep


Feeling "off" or not like oneself


Trouble focusing on objects or words


Emergency evaluation is warranted in situations of deteriorating mental status such as increasing confusion and difficulty recognixing people or places. Other symptoms requiring immediate medical attention include worsening headache; worsening nausea or vomiting, and excessive drowsiness or lethargy.

When a concussion is suspected, we also recomment booking an initial assessment with us as early as possible. Even if you have not had a baseline assessment with us, we will assess your injury and provide you with a management strategy to aid in your recovery.
Assessments and subsequent visits/therapy are covered under most extended healthcare benefit packages (eg. Chiropractic). For inquiries about appointments, please contact us.


During your appointment we will conduct a thorough post-injury evaluation in order to gain a complete picture of your injury and how it has impacted you.

This includes a detailed interview in order to obtain information on:

  • How the injury occurred
  • How you felt immediately after
  • How you’re feeling currently
  • History of previous concussions
  • Current and past medical conditions
  • Previous trauma/injury
  • Medications

The physical examination provides us with insight into the severity of your injury, as well as specific impairements that may need to be addressed as part of an ongoing management strategy.

This portion of testing may include a combination of the following:

  • Computerized neurocognitive testing – ImPACT
  • Balance testing
  • Strength and Coordination testing
  • Screening of visual-motor skills
  • Vestibular (or equilibrium) testing
  • Gait assessment
  • Generalized neurological screen
  • Orthopedic assessment of secondary injuries (e.g. neck, shoulders)

Please note that the above testing procedures may not all be completed on the first visit. The assessment methods used are tailored to the immediate needs of each individual and it will be at the discretion of the doctor as to which he/she will use.

Education and Training

At LiveWell Family Health Centre, we believe that education and prevention are the key to reducing the negative effects of concussions. We offer FREE educational training and presentations to any interested teams, organizations, leagues, and healthcare providers. To book an education session please contact us at 613-225-3339.
For more information on the?Shift Concussion Management Program, please visit?

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What Our Clients Say

Luis R.

I love coming here. The atmosphere is always fantastic! The energy and the care I receive are great. I always look forward to getting my adjustments from Dr. Sab and Dr. Jason. It is also a very zen place for registered massage therapy. My posture, breathing and Body Mass Index have improved beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for the care you provide our whole family.

Shelley L.

I started going to Live Well Family Health Centre on Centrepointe around 2 months ago. I had been going to another chiropractor in the city, but felt that it was not doing too much. My Daughter also goes to the center and recommended that I try it out. I first met with Dr. Jason, who listened to me about my aches and pains and then subsequently had a session with him. I also told him about my TMJ and he did this procedure that had never been done to me before, and the instant relief in my jaw was amazing. Dr. Jason and his staff are incredible. I do look forward to my appointments.

Anna K.

Live Well Family Health Centre is an awesome place for chiropractic, yoga and massage (those are just the services I have tried). Drs. Jay and Sabrina are amazing chiropractors and are, along with their staff, personable, caring and very skilled. Thank you to all of you!


Michelle C.

I highly recommend LiveWell Family Health Centre. I went from sitting on the sidelines to back in racing form in one season. Already signed up for National Capital Race Weekend and I?m confident nothing will hold me back, thanks to Dr. Jason and his team.

Jin-Lin Y.

I came to prevent scoliosis from getting worse. Awesome service, excellent results!

Katharine L.

Before coming to see Dr. Jason, I can?t remember a time when I could tip my head back and look at the ceiling, not even when I was a teenager. He fixed that, and a few other nagging problems, not to mention that I just generally feel better. Now, I actually function like a ?normal? person! Thanks Dr. J!

Bassy M.

Thank you Dr. Jason and Dr. Sabrina for your amazing service, warmth, for being so accommodating, friendly, professional ? you are the best!