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From chiropractic experts, massage therapists and caring, dedicated naturopaths to a support staff who are committed to serving our clients with compassion and attention to detail, we are here to serve Ottawa’s chiropractic, naturopathic and holistic wellness needs. Get to Know Our LiveWell team!



While studying for a BSc Honours at McGill University, Dr. Jason Bercovitch suffered from debilitating low back pain. Months of medical visits, rehabilitation and pain medication did little to relieve the discomfort. Out of desperation, he finally sought the care of a chiropractor. The care he received not only releived the pain, but dramatically improved his life long battle with asthma, allergies and chest infections. This life changing experience inspired Dr. Jason to help others who suffered like himself.



In 1988, as a student, Dr. Sabrina’s life changed when she sought the help of a chiropractor for severe headaches and migraines accompanied by chronic neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. Regular headaches and tension in her upper body dissapeared, while energy and vitality returned. Two years later, an avid tennis player, Dr. Sabrina injured her right knee and once again, with the help of her chiropractor , she was able to regain her mobility and strength.



After completing his bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of British Columbia Dr. Sandip attended the allopathic medical school and noticed the lack of emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion in patient care specifically with nutrition and exercise. While completing his training at Wyckoff Heights Medical Centre in Brooklyn, NY Dr. Sandip was able to make this sustainable lifestyle change in his own life; this was the driving force for him to pursue Naturopathic Medicine.

maranda carvell

registered holistic nutritionist

Maranda Carvell is a Nutritionist and Women's Hormone Expert, helping people create healthy lifestyles they love, without diets or deprivation. In addition to her training in Natural Nutrition, Maranda has training and experience in clinical aromatherapy, nervous system support, and autoimmune disease and chronic pain. She is best known for her simple and practical approach to nutrition, has been published on MindBodyGreen, in REDBOOK Magazine and was named one of the Top Nutrition Blogs by the Institute For The Psychology of Eating.

Natalie zima

registered holistic nutritionist

Natalie found natural medicine through her health journey after stumbling upon a nutritionist at a health food store who changed her life! She saw real change under the care of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist; this is where she finally found answers to her health issues. After this, she wanted to give back and help others find solutions to their health issues! She attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, graduated in Spring of 2019, and has been practicing ever since. She is passionate about liberating her clients in their health - to know that you CAN find the answers! You don't have to accept exhaustion, low mood, foggy brain, skin issues, etc., as "normal"! Her specialty is women's health, specifically hormonal and digestive issues like PMS, fertility, skin issues, mental health, pregnancy (pre and post) support and more. Natalie is passionate about showing you that there is always a solution and that through working together, there is a brighter way to live!



Doug is a passionate certified personal with a varied and diverse background in health sciences. Doug graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology along with a minor degree in Psychology. Coaching Mens Ice Hockey, working as a Personal Trainer in the UofT Athletic Centre and being a Health & Fitness columnist rounded out his growth.


registered massage therapist

Shane graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at CDI College in 2003. He began his career working at restoring the function and reducing the pain of his clients by following a treatment protocol that tailors the treatment to each individual. Shane’s areas of expertise are sports injury, assisting in restoration of function from joint replacement/repair surgery, prolonged conditions such as frozen shoulder and treating the everyday aches and pains of today’s desk bound office workers. He promotes a caring treatment environment and encourages feedback from his clients.



Brittney graduated from the massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in 2017. She also earned a Certified Nutritional Consulting diploma from The Alive Academy of Natural Health in 2014. Her ability to recognize various issues simply by the way the tissues felt were evident from a young age, when a family member developed a painful chronic illness. Consequently, she decided to pursue a career in massage therapy and her passion thrives on using massage to help those who are experiencing chronic pain. Her strengths include empathetically listening thoroughly to others, problem solving and the desire to make a helpful change in people's lives. Treatments that interest her, but are not limited to, are fibromyalgia, tension headaches, lymphedema/chronic swelling, sciatica, relaxation for anxiety/depression and scoliosis.



Alison has been practicing massage therapy for over 15 years and graduated from Algonquin College in 2006. She enjoys a wide variety of treatments and excels in deep tissue massage with trigger point therapy. She also skilled at performing Relaxation Massage, Swedish Massage, Cupping Massage, Pregnancy Massage, helping with a wide array of sports injuries, and performing massage for children and youth. With a history in Personal Training she is a big advocate of exercise rehabilitation to be included for self care to compliment your overall health and well being. 




Chelsea graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in 2012. Along with being an RMT, Chelsea is also a Certified Graston Technique Therapist, K- Tape Therapist and Doula. Over her years as an RMT, Chelsea has had the opportunity to work with many clients, ranging from: Rugby Canada and the National Fiji Rugby squad; Ottawa Sooners Football Club; Pre and Post-Natal Mothers; Babies and Infants.


Office Manager – Chiropractic Assistant and Exam Technician

With a background in business management. Sondra first found LiveWell Family Health Centre as a patient suffering from chronic pain and reduced neurological function. After a few visits with a Registered Massage Therapist here at LiveWell, her therapist referred her for a Chiropractic examination to address misalignments in her spine. This was a life-changing experience and Sondra became passionate about chiropractic care and the benefits of having regular spinal check-ups. Sondra is now a part of the Chiropractic team at LiveWell and is happy to assist others.


Chiropractic Assistant and Exam Technician

Tabby is currently a Health Sciences student at the University of Ottawa. She specializes in foundational biosciences, analytical research skills, and kinesiology from an integrative approach when studying health and wellness. She has been a chiropractic assistant for four years and is exceptionally passionate about the field. Tabby discovered chiropractic care after severely injuring herself from playing rugby and having several critical concussions. Shortly after, she recovered from severe migraines, fatigue, concussion symptoms, and post-concussion disorder. Tabby is an aspiring chiropractor. Following her bachelor's degree, she hopes to enter chiropractic school to inspire and guide people with their wellness and health in the future. 



Chiropractic Assistant and Exam Technician

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